Parnell Israel July 7-16 2014


4 comments on “Parnell Israel July 7-16 2014
  1. Rene S. says:

    This was the trip of a lifetime for me. It was very strenuous physically (this should be known before booking), but I loved it and wouldn’t have changed it. I didn’t want to miss anything – & I didn’t!
    Our guide Malcolm was unbelievable – A true blessing to be guided by him – Knew all the ins and outs.

  2. Patricia A says:

    This Israel trip was at the “top” of my “to go places”. The hotels and meals were excellent. Our tour guide was an excellent person, our driver also. Thank everyone who made our trip a winner. SHALOM! GOD is good!

  3. BR says:

    Tour was great with the exception of the flight home. Suggest that the lunch choice be varied more. Each day our choice for lunch was primarily the same, chicken sandwich, or felafel. Some of our group would not eat after the second day. Wilcox did a great job.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t like that U.S. Air cancelled our flight out & we had lots of trouble getting everyone booked on another flight! We were separated in P.A. & 5 had to take later flight making the whole team late getting home.

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