Time Out: A heimish resort

Tunnel on Highway 60, leading from Jerusalem t...

Tunnel on Highway 60, leading from Jerusalem to Gush Etzion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nir Etzion has long been a popular setting for celebratory gatherings – post-wedding parties, anniversaries, synagogue study weekends. The strict kosher observance with a relaxed, non-coercive atmosphere continues to make it a good choice for the increasing number of families with some members wearing black kippot, others knitted kippot, and still others with no kippot.

But would Nir Etzion suit a couple taking a rare midweek night off in the winter? My husband and I would vote yes.

The community (at first a kibbutz, but for the last 60 years a moshav shitufi) was established by survivors of the Etzion Bloc from the War of Independence and boosted by Holocaust survivors when it relocated in the Carmel Mountains in 1950.

The community was named in memory of the Etzion Bloc. The founders and today’s members are Orthodox Jews.

The hospitality business, along with fields and a dairy, were among the community’s oldest industries. The farmers first opened the Nir Etzion Rest House, which became the Nir Etzion Guest House in 2002, and then the Nir Etzion Hotel. Today, it is being marketed as Nir Etzion Resort, a promising description for a couple’s night away.

Located 234 meters up in the verdant Carmel mountains, at the entrance to Ein Hod, getting there is an easy car

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