Apps let you have Tel Aviv in the palm of your hand

With the Succot holiday upon us and the weather cooling down, it’s a perfect time to get outside and explore what Tel Aviv has to offer. Instead of spending money on a bulky guidebook, we recommend simply downloading one of the many useful free smartphone applications available that can help navigate The White City.

There is no better time to start using mobile apps as just last week the Tel Aviv Municipality launched a citywide free wi-fi network, which it says will provide 80 free Internet “hot spots” across the city. Residents and visitors can log on at dozens of spots around the city such as the beach, tourist attractions and boulevards.

With so many apps out there it’s hard to choose the right one, so we’ve selected three of the best free ones that will help you make the most of exploring Tel Aviv.

Chronus City

Chronus City is a great app for those looking to venture slightly off the beaten track. The new app is a must for explorers wanting to learn about the history of Tel Aviv with the help of designated tours. Each tour includes an interactive map as well as text, video, audio and pictures at each step along the way.

Featuring a clean, modern design, the app is user-friendly so there’s no need to be a technology geek or a map expert in order to navigate it.

The tours focus

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Time Out: A heimish resort

Tunnel on Highway 60, leading from Jerusalem t...

Tunnel on Highway 60, leading from Jerusalem to Gush Etzion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nir Etzion has long been a popular setting for celebratory gatherings – post-wedding parties, anniversaries, synagogue study weekends. The strict kosher observance with a relaxed, non-coercive atmosphere continues to make it a good choice for the increasing number of families with some members wearing black kippot, others knitted kippot, and still others with no kippot.

But would Nir Etzion suit a couple taking a rare midweek night off in the winter? My husband and I would vote yes.

The community (at first a kibbutz, but for the last 60 years a moshav shitufi) was established by survivors of the Etzion Bloc from the War of Independence and boosted by Holocaust survivors when it relocated in the Carmel Mountains in 1950.

The community was named in memory of the Etzion Bloc. The founders and today’s members are Orthodox Jews.

The hospitality business, along with fields and a dairy, were among the community’s oldest industries. The farmers first opened the Nir Etzion Rest House, which became the Nir Etzion Guest House in 2002, and then the Nir Etzion Hotel. Today, it is being marketed as Nir Etzion Resort, a promising description for a couple’s night away.

Located 234 meters up in the verdant Carmel mountains, at the entrance to Ein Hod, getting there is an easy car

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Treasures of the Galilee

Tour operators in the Western Galilee never cease to surprise us, offering endless ideas for activities, tours, accommodations and fun – interesting hikes, wine tastings and other small pleasures that can be found between the mountains and the sea. One of the better sources for things to do up there is the Ozrot Hagalil website and smart-phone app, where you’ll find more than 400 carefully selected tourist sites.

We tagged along with Ozrot Hagalil representatives as they checked out several establishments and enterprises that were interested in participating in the project. We rode electric bikes, hiked along the Lebanese border, listened to beautiful violin music and some fascinating stories, got to try our hand at art in nature and tasted a variety of delicacies at a few eclectic restaurants in the region.

Lev Hagoren in Moshav Goren

Neta and Sharon Gueta recently opened a bicycle center, where they offer tourists electric bicycles so that everyone can easily ride along the paths. We donned helmets, stuck maps in our pouches and were off on a seven-kilometer circular scenic path that runs through Goren Park.

On the way, we stopped to gaze at the beautiful view and enjoy a snack in one of the picnic areas. We also stopped at a lookout point from which there is a spectacular view of the impressive Montfort Castle. Only 400 meters separated us from this Crusader fortress, which sits above the green slopes that lead down to Kziv Creek. Rumor has it that in a year or two, there will

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Hiking the Holy Land: Dead Sea adventures

The Dead Sea is one of the world’s most renowned health and therapeutic resorts. People come from all over the world to soak their bodies in the therapeutic minerals of the Dead Sea and to cover their bodies with the mineral-concentrated mud of the Dead Sea. However, a while ago, just before the wintry rains and flash flood season began, my wife and I traveled to the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert on the eastern rim of Israel for a three-day hiking and sight-seeing vacation, and pleasantly discovered that the Dead Sea, a natural wonder of the world, is not just mineral water and mud, but is an extraordinary, all-around “health resort”.

DAY 1: The Way Down

After driving for 2 ½ hours from Tel Aviv to the Hatrurim Junction on Route 31 (ten minutes past Arad), we turned right onto Route 258 for about 1 kilometer (2/3 mile) until we saw the “Black” trail (black and white striped) on the right side of the road marking the end of the hike we were about to do. We parked our car there, and walked the 1 kilometer (2/3 mile) back to Hatrurim Junction and began waiting for a cab, or hitchhike, back towards Arad, to the signpost of the Kidud Cisterns, 3 kilometers (2 miles) up the

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Celebrating the first Jewish migration to the Holy Land

Just as the Passover Haggadah says that we should see ourselves as though we came out of Egypt, Avital Efrat, director of the First Aliyah Museum in Zichron Ya’akov says that we should also see ourselves as though we were part of the First Aliyah.

The First Aliyah Museum, which opened in 1999, is located in the quaint tourist town of Zichron Ya’akov, and recounts the journey of the pioneers who came to Eretz Yisrael during the First Aliyah, 1882-1903.

The three-story museum, which sees 20-25,000 visitors annually, represents all 28 colonies (moshavim) across Eretz Yisrael that were established during both the first and second waves of the First Aliyah.

“This is a national museum; it’s not a museum of Zichron Ya’akov. It’s a national museum dedicated to the era of First Aliyah,” explains Efrat.

The museum was established in memory of Moshe and Sara Arisohn, two pioneers who were part of the founding colony in Zichron Ya’akov. Zichron Ya’akov was one of the first seven colonies established in the First Aliyah.

The First Aliyah museum was financed by Moshe and Sara’s grandson, Ted Arison, who wanted to honor his grandparents and preserve the story of all of the other pioneers from the First Aliyah. There were approximately 25,0000 in the First Aliyah, who settled in various colonies across the land against the wishes of the ruling Ottoman Empire who tried to keep additional Jews out of Eretz Yisrael.

The museum’s purpose is to tell the story of the first real pioneers of Eretz Yisrael. They

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