Holy Land Educational Trips for Pastors


We have been helping Tour Leaders with tours to the Holy Land for over 40 years. These tour leaders know the holy land; they know the biblical holy sites, and various hotels and restaurants along the way. Our holy land tours are fully customizable, allowing each tour leader to design and lead a tour exactly how they would like. If you have lead a group to the Holy Land before, we would love the opportunity to make your next group tour even better. Please contact us for a free consultation and let us show you how we can personalize and make your group tour better than ever.2011_03_24_0041

If you have never been to the Holy Land and if leading a group there is of interest to you, we would like to talk with you. Most Pastors and group leaders have reservations about traveling to the Holy Land until after their first trip. Some questions we hear from potential group leaders are: How long between the different holy sites? What scriptures are best to use at each site? What do I do if there is an issue with a passenger? What if someone falls and gets hurt? How do I advertise my tour? How do people register? What are tour host benefits? To answer these questions and many more, we have been offering, on a limited basis, educational tours that we refer to as FAM Trips. The trips are offered to qualified Tour Leaders who want to learn how to set up, advertise, and escort groups to the Holy Land.

FAM (Familiarization) trips provide an excellent opportunity for Senior Pastors or Tour Leaders to see the Holy Land. Our FAM trips are intentionally designed to teach tour leaders how to advertise their tours and how to lead them through the Holy Land. We are happy to bring future group leaders to the Holy Land on our educational FAM trips for a reduced cost and with special conditions to provide reimbursement of tour costs when our FAM tour participants return with a group. Unlike other tour companies, we offer full reimbursements of flights and land costs for our FAM tour participants if they depart for the Holy Land within 18 Months of returning from our educational trip (conditions apply, ask for details).

ChurchOfNativity2Read the story of how leading group tours to the Holy Land changed the ministry of a new pastor:

As a young Preacher, Pastor Tim participated in one of our FAM trips not having much experience traveling or leading groups. After returning home from the Holy land with a group of like-minded pastors, Tim began the process of planning his itinerary and dates, working with us on a brochure and before the month was over, he was already promoting his tour to potential passengers. Using the tools he learned on the FAM trip for pre-trip marketing, on tour escorting, and post-tour marketing, Pastor Tim was able to get his first group in less than nine months.

Tim’s first tour traveled with just a small group mixed with friends, family, and some from his congregation. Each participant saw the change in Pastor Tim’s sermons and Bible studies. Yes, Tim’s ministry was changed. Not only did Pastor Tim’s ministry begin to grow, but he saw a drastic change in the congregation’s involvement in the church. Those who traveled came back with a unity and a support for Pastor Tim’s ministry and leadership, like nothing he had experienced before.

These tour passengers began to spread the word about how the Holy Land changed their lives, how they read the Bible and how they began to take a sense of ownership in their local church. As they applied what they learned from their travels, the community saw the change just as much as they heard about it. Then the congregation began to grow and multiply, and Pastor Tim continued bringing groups to the Holy Land, growing in number each time. He will tell you that to this day the Holy Land Tours are the most impactful part of his ministry. Pastor Tim still travels multiple times a year with both small and large groups and his church continues to grow. Tim’s tour participants stand on the dirt our Lord and Savior walked on, they walk through the same city streets, they discover lost communities, even the political tension is put into biblical context.

The way the Holy Land changes believers and non-believers for life is unlike any trip a person can take. Tour passengers come back with something that can’t be delivered from a pulpit, they understand the Bible the way it was meant to be understood. The land and the water are still living and they continue to confirm and support the Word. In no way can the Holy Land be described better than being there and experiencing it will all of your senses.

If you are looking for help in starting your own Holy Land Tour in your church or community, we want to invite you to travel with us on one of our FAM trips. We want the opportunity to show you how to make these tours a vital part of your ministry. Call us today at 800-2-WILCOX to get more information about our upcoming educational trips.


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