Daniel Israel June 23 – July 02 2014


10 comments on “Daniel Israel June 23 – July 02 2014
  1. Bill M. says:

    A trip of a lifetime! Only change I would make is the Tiberius Hotel which was adequate but not great. Ambassador in Jerusalem was fine. All in all though, the trip was wonderful in every way. Our guide Raoulf, was tremendous and John and Jenny were great hosts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My only “complaint” was going to the souvenior stores recommended by the guide. We were “pounced” on and the sales staff at times were unrelenting. When we visited other stores I was not treated that way and could shop leisurely.

  3. Sharon S. says:

    I really appreciated having water on the bus available for us at no charge. Both Raouf, our guide, and Johnny, our driver were excellent. I never felt unsafe, but I did feel uneasy 2 different times. First at the temple mount when the Muslims began yelling at the Israeli solders, and the second time on our trip to the airport.

  4. Emily C. says:

    Raouf and Johnny did a great job! The was not once that things didn’t go smoothly. I would recommend this trip to anyone!


  5. Gary C. says:

    Wonderful tour… RK was a terrific guide – Very knowledgeable – a passionate Christian… it was go-go-go which was nice-nice-nice.

    Our first but hopefully not our last pilgrimage to the Holyland.

    Delay in travel to Tel Aviv for return flight could have been avoided w/ alternate route provided to RK & Jonny by NET.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This was a well organized and very informative tour.

  7. Melissa P. says:

    Everything about our tour to Israel was terrific! Wilcox Travel did a wonderful job managing all the logistics for our group A ++

  8. Bryce L. says:

    We loved Raouf out guide!

  9. James P. says:

    United Airlines food was terrible!

  10. Bonnie M. says:

    Raouf Carboni was the BEST! We had a great & educational time. Wilcox did a fabulous job.

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