3 Steps to the Holy Land

3 Steps to the Holy Land

3 Steps to the Holy Land

1. Decide

Congratulations! Deciding to lead a group to the Holy Land is often a difficult decision for many Pastors and Group leaders. The impacts a tour to Israel has on a ministry are second to none and many before you have realized this for themselves. The best thing you can do is speak to someone who has gone before you so that you can begin to realize what a rewarding experience it can be.

Spending your valuable time in this place will enable you to support others in their spiritual growth while benefiting yourself in the same way. Relationships made here will inevitably last a lifetime and allow new and exciting opportunities throughout your ministry.

The opportunity to take yourself and others to the lands of the Bible, where Jesus, the disciples, and biblical hero’s spent their lifetime has presented itself to you. We ask that you will join us in assisting your ministry’s success.

2. Plan

Planning a trip to the Holy Land brings up many questions. As a Christian Organization built on experience since 1953, we are confident in our ability to plan the ideal Holy Land Tour for you. We are here to answer and provide creative solutions for whatever questions or concerns you have. Some popular questions tour leaders ask us are:

Who can help me plan a trip to Israel?

We at Wilcox World Travel and tours are here to help you plan your trip, from the initial decision, to offering exciting itineraries, confirming competitive pricing, designing promotional materials, handling your travelers questions and money, managing the logistics with the air and land arrangements, right down to the phone call in-country to confirm that you are pleased with your tour guide. Learn About Us and be confident you will not be alone.

Is it really safe to visit Israel?

Yes … clearly and emphatically. This question is only asked by people who have not been to Israel. The fact that millions of people visit Israel every year and return safe and happy shows how exaggerated news reports are about Israel.  In fact, Israel has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Plus, the chances of being involved in violence is actually far higher in visiting most major cities in the world than in touring all of Israel.

Finally, visitors who come to Israel sense just how safe locals feel in their homeland when they see for themselves the children walking alone or in small groups to and from school each day.  These facts and the travel record of our many visitors speak for themselves. Ask someone who has been to Israel – then, come see for yourself.

When is the best time to visit?

It’s up to you. Unless you specifically want to be in Israel for Christmas or Easter, you may want to schedule your trip at a time other than these busy holiday seasons. One of the most beautiful seasons is right after Easter, for example. Many groups prefer to travel when lower, off-season rates are available – usually November through February (except Christmas). Weather conditions vary.  From November to March Israel has cool temperatures and some rain. From June to August temperatures are very warm, and the country is virtually rainless from April through October. Give us a call and we’ll help you decide on the best time for you and your group.

How affordable is a trip?

We have several suggested trips with different itineraries and inclusions that determine the tour price. However, our tours are totally customizable to meet the needs of you and your group. You can find our suggested tours here.

What do I include on my trip?

We suggest you see our suggested tours to help you decide on what to include. See them here.

How can I get potential passengers involved?

We have several tips on how group leaders have successfully recruited and involved potential passengers in our next step. See Step 3. Promote for more information or call us to speak with an Account executive who can help.

How long should my trip be?

We recommend tours be 10-12 days. There is so much to see and experience in the Holy Land, you and your passengers will want to see everything!

Who will meet me in Israel?

Upon arrival at the airport, your bus driver and guide that will stay with you throughout the tour will meet you.

Will my guide be well prepared?

Every one of our Guides is licensed by the Israeli government and speaks clear English.

What is the next step?

Call us at 1-800-2-WILCOX (1-800-294-5269) or 828-254-0746 to speak with an Account Executive about planning your trip!

3. Promote

Promoting a tour to the Holy Land requires your dedication and excitement about the trip. As a person in a leadership position, your job is to get people talking about traveling to the Holy Land with you!

We provide you with professionally designed brochures with your personal letter of invitation for you to give to everyone interested. These brochures will include the details of what is included on the trip, the dates of the tour, and most importantly the price of the complete trip.

We recommend utilizing current distribution channels to spread the word. As a Pastor, church leader, or group leader you will most likely have some if not all of these channels.

  • Begin by inviting those who you have close relationships with. Ask them to recruit tour passengers as well.
  • E-mail List can be used to constantly sent updates to church or organizational members. Make sure to publish when new passengers register for your tour to motivate others to join.
  • Newsletters can be a great place to have exciting, attention grabbing ads that promote the spiritual benefits of a Holy Land Tour
  • Wesbsites are awesome ways to give information through banner ads about a tour. Allowing potential passengers to see the brochure in pdf format is helpful.
  • Direct Mailing List can be utilized similar to e-mail to send reminders and updates about the tour. Remember to publish when new passengers register for your tour.
  • Church Bulletins are another great way to get your tour in front of potential passengers. Bulletins are another great place to tell people who has registered. This is important to motivate others.
  • High Traffic Areas are useful spots for displays such as banners or posters to catch the attention of potential passengers. This would be a great location to have a few brochures.
  • Informational Meetings are a very important part of a successful tour. These meetings answer a lot of questions about safety and security of the Holy Land. They also provide a great place for passengers to learn more about what will happen on tour and will also be a great place to register new passengers.
  • Information Booth/Table should be manned before and after church services for information and registration. All printed material pertaining to your Holy Land Tour should be available at this location.